Sunday, May 2, 2010

You never told me about the fire.


When you’re so used to bouncing around life on your own, a body beside you can feel like love.

~ Ray Robinson

I’ve gotten to where I didn’t want to go, To where I never thought i’d end up. Lovesick and wanting more of what I know I can’t have, I have this impulsive need for affection and attention, It’s making me act like a different person. I’m beginning to lose control and I don’t know who I really am anymore.

Nights with only you by my side, I want to stay in that moment forever. Then you leave and I feel cold again. I cry inside every night I have to sleep alone, because this lingering loneliness is too hard to bear now. You’ve broken down my barriers, I want to let you in. If only you would let me.

Songs currently on repeat:
Sara – Fleetwood Mac
Machine Gun – Portishead
Hometown Glory - Adele
Samantha - Hole


  1. Love is beautiful, but it causes too much desire. It tricks us all, and we fall down every time we learn to love.
    It hurts when we need to be cuddled so much we could cry, but no one's there. Yes, it really hurts when we love someone so much we could die, but they don't even care.

  2. You said it beautifully <3