Saturday, May 8, 2010

I need some meaning I can memorise.

This weekend I've had the whole weekend to myself, My parents and siblings have gone down to the farm and are coming back later tonight. So i've been wandering around the hallways drinking nothing but coffee and eating porridge, Scamp (my cat) has been acting like a silly kitten.

Not long after the family left and I went into the bathroom to get ready for a bath, Scamp leaped into the empty bathtub and started drinking the tiny puddles of water. I ended up having to pull him out because he couldn''t get out of the bathtub himself.

I finished my essay and managed to do absolutely nothing all weekend because I could. Luke came over last night, It was nice but I felt a little out of it that night. We didn't do much, just what we always tend to do when we get together (; But I needed him there, I didn't want to be alone. I've felt incredibly needy for human affection lately and it's frustrating because it just causes more anxiety, which is not what I need.

songs currently on repeat:
This side of the Blue - Joanna Newsom
I cut like a buffalo - The Dead Weather
I've been eating (For you) - Bright Eyes
2 Lakes - Mount Eerie


  1. wish i could get my house to myself like that for at least a day!But anyway I know how you feel Im always feeling needy for human affection lately it sucks

  2. I know right?! I hate the feeling so much :(

  3. You're so cute! I loved the story about your cat. <3