Sunday, May 2, 2010


love ♥ /
Incense, Witchcraft, Jack the Ripper, Cats, Vinyl Records, Dream Catchers, Bruises, Scars, Crystals, Tarot Cards, Expressionism, Mythology, Tattoos, Hair dye, Blood, Quotes, Polaroids, The Moon, 666, Cupcakes, Rain, Alcohol, Cuddling, Floral Patterns, Black Nail Polish, Coffee & Cigarettes, Fairy tales, Daydreaming, Sleep, Psychoanalysis, Mixtapes, Laddered tights, Red lipstick, Poetry, Kisses, Midnight walks, Pink hair, Photography, Sketching, Painting, The Rain, Ipod, The number 18, Rings, Crosses, Spring, Warm sweaters, Tattoos, Diet coke, Compliments, Trustworthy friends, Blogging, Fogs, Blankets, Love, My family, Crying, Graveyards, Lace, Black, Sex, Flannel Shirts, Campfires, Nostalgia, Red Wine, Wanderlust, Indulgences, Baking cookies, Having my hands touched, Thesaurus's, Flowers and Pretty Gardens, Sitting in the sunshine, Feeling wanted/loved.

Hate //

Feeling unloved, Getting paint on my clothes, Loneliness, Fire, Hangovers, Missing someone/something, Failure, Waiting, Windy days, Ugly/fat days, Barking dogs, Crowds, Crossing busy roads, Staring, Death, Slow walkers, Anxiety, Early mornings, Hospitals, Ipod or Phone having no battery, Being touched by strangers, Homophobia, Racism, Ignorance, Missing medication, People leaving me when I need them the most, Seeing people sad, My cat falling asleep on my lap when I need to get up.

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