Sunday, September 12, 2010

No sleep tonight...

I've been having bad dreams lately, I think it's become a something that has bothered me throughout this year, I've never had it so frequently before. They aren't usually nightmares, just distressing things that appear from my past, maybe I'm being told that I need resolve something within my past. All I know is I want it to stop, so I can wake up feeling at the very least like I had a decent sleep.

My moods are still not getting any better, the medication helps a bit but lately I've been having these short but intense mood swings particularly during the evening. Usually it's a swing of feeling very depressed and it hits hard and unexpectedly. It's almost unbearable, and sometimes sends me into moments of suicidal ideations.

songs on high repetition:
Crash into me by Stevie Nicks
Superstar by Tegan and Sara
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands by Elliott Smith
Drain you by Nirvana

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  1. I haven't been sleeping very well lately either.. I've been exhausted for weeks. I hope it gets better for you ♥