Thursday, November 11, 2010

I close my eyes the world drops dead ::

I've been in the strangest moods lately, I'm feeling very nostalgic and romantic. I've felt this in the past but it feels more real or maybe surreal this time, I'm reading
Rough Magic: A Biography of Sylvia Plath and her sentiments on boys, sex and romance are somewhat familiar to mine. She dated plenty of men in her college years and was constantly disappointed to find they could not match up to her expectations, they are just boys and she needed a man.

Maybe months ago I wouldn't have minded going on numerous of dates with plenty of guys, in fact I did. But now I don't want that, it's dull, these
"men" don't feel their heart or anywhere else for that matter. I want cliched romance and intimacy, the night ins, the small talks...there's something so detaching about dates and fooling around with boys who don't know any better.

songs on high repetition:
How Can I Tell You by Cat Stevens
Ant Music by Adam & The Ants
Mad Girl's Love Song by Fisher
Albion by Babyshambles

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