Monday, February 20, 2012

Say it in broken english.

I think for a change there is only small problems in my life or maybe I'm just less stressed therefore I think there are less problems now, anyhow I'm content. Though lately I've been wondering about my love life, do I want a relationship? will having one do me for better or worse? I've got all these men on the side who may or may not have deeper feelings for me than just sex. But it's confusing me, who do I want? who can I or can't I have? I think the best thing is to just relax and let whatever that will happen to happen.

Today I got my dress from etsy today, It looked as great as it did in the photo and since I have a job interview tomorrow morning I think it'd be perfect to wear. I've still been getting my vivid dreams that have been going for the last week or so, some are nightmares but some are just weird and stick in my mind. I don't know what they're supposed to mean or why my dreams feel so significant all of a sudden.

songs on high repetition:
Bad girls by M.I.A.
Pain by Four Star Mary
Planets of the Universe by Stevie Nicks
Video Games (Cover) by Lucy Rose

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